The opportunity:

Parkadom was founded by Alexandre and Benjamin. Friends that became associates, they are now working as a team in order to improve the parking conditions in Paris and the other big cities. By confronting parking issues such as having a hard time finding a parking spot, on their workplace but also during their outputs, the idea of the sharing parking spots came into their minds.

Especially after that night…

The Anecdote:

Alexandre is going to a friend’s surprise birthday by car, his GPS reveals a 20 min trip. Perfect, he’ll even be there early! Except that when he is there, impossible to park.

He’s doing a turn, than an other, then a third one.. The deadline arriving, he’s willing to extend his researches, even if he has to walk a little bit, but still not possible to find a parking spot.

Now late, he decides to try on a delivery parking spot. Once parked, it’s under the rain that he runs to the building where the party is happening, hoping that his friend is still not there. He takes the elevator narrowly and realizes that his friend is also late since they meet face to face in the elevator… Not the best surprise ever!

When it’s time to get home, Alexandre, sober, can’t really remember where he parked his car, he tried out so many different spots to find it! He’s still looking. He finally find the parking spot where he parked, but there’s not his car anymore! During he was partying, the Police was working and were busy impounding his car.

End of the night: Late, wet through but mostly 136€ of impoundment, 35 € of contravention, not to count the taxi and the wasted time!

The revelation:

After that evening filled with emotions, Alexandre wondered how he could have avoided everything that happened to him that night! If Alexandre could have parked on an appropriate parking spot as soon as he arrived, and close from his party, nothing of this would have happened.

By telling this story to Benjamin, they both realized that the shared parking system was the key! That’s when the marathon PARKADOM started after a sleepless night, and an entire Sunday working on this project!