The evolution:

These past few years, many factors have changed the citizen’s habits and their mobility, such as the economic environment, environmental constraints or the development of urbanization. Today, everyone care more and more about the impacts of the transportation and how they affect our lives and health.

Some innovative solutions are coming up to optimize our resources and improve the situation.

Parkadom is one of them and is today the first online community of parking spots sharing for private individuals in France.


Well known as one of the most saturated road system in Europe, the Ile de France region is a really congested area today.

The traffic density actually made the drivers from this region having a particular reputation. They’re considered as stressed, impatient and even aggressive. Park in this region can be a real pain, even more when you know that one driver out of 3 is looking for a parking spot.

Parking spots, fuel, contraventions…The prices are going up every year, whereas the amount of parking spots have been reduced by 15% during the last decade.

The city of Paris offers 815 000 parking spots, including public parks, streets, private parks and commercial garages. Out of those 815 000 spots, 60% are private and owned by private individuals.

These issues affect both the drivers and the environment: Co2 rejections coming from personal vehicles in Paris represents one year of heating for 700 000 people in a 3 room flat.

The project:

After more than 9 months thinking about a solution for the parking, we decided to create PARKADOM. The idea is simple, connecting owners or tenants of parking spots for drivers that have difficulties finding one.

We want to insist on 2 specific points in order to encourage the sharing:

- Sharing your parking when you’re going at work thanks to your vehicle; it is vacant and could be used for a driver that works around the empty parking spot.

- Sharing your parking for special events, finding a parking spot close to the Bercy stadium for a concert, around “Le parc des Princes” for a football game, or close to the Garnier opera is close from impossible today.

As a matter of fact, by joining the Parkadom’s community, a driver save until 70% of its parking fees, by parking to a private individual for an occasional trip, like a sports event for example or a recurring trip, like daily work. Cost effective, Parkadom is also an ecological solution. By fluidising the circulation, the drivers consume less fuel that makes a decrease of greenhouse gas emissions.

They are caring users, which are concerned about improving the traffic situation, to respect the environment and to master their budget are part of the Parkadom’s community.

The average driver spends more than one hour looking for a parking spot. With Parkadom and its community, this thing will be a bad memory!


Ever since October 2012, Parkadom was rewarded many times for the quality of its service and its innovative concept.

- Finalist » Grand Prix Médicis » of the micro-firms’ saloon 2012 ( 6  nominations out of 318 candidatures)

- Excellence prince of the Petit Poucet contest in 2013 that distinguishes every year the most ambitious business creations.

- Selected by the Parisian tech community to present our service in front of 400 people during the Start in Paris contest.

- Finalist of the 19th edition of the Total EDHEC Entreprendre challenge, that aims to promote entrepreneurship.

- Palme d’Or of e-commerce given by the President of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Paris Ile-de-France in June 2013.

- Laureate of the Techinnov label during the funding agreement, the biggest event dedicated to the innovation in Europe.