Who are we?

First of all, Parkadom’s team are two friends acknowledging parking issues and thought about a solution to fix it. Alexandre Poisson and Benjamin Pozzi, co-founders are today sharing the most important functions of the company: Alexandre deals with marketing and commercial functions whereas Benjamin deals with administrative, financial and human resources functions.

Alexandre Poisson: Co-founder

After a master in finance, Alexandre, in parallel of his studies, starts events planning. He organized more than 250 events in Paris and abroad with partners. After a first experience in London, at the City, he chose a project manager job in a web agency, to, in the end, launch his own web project.

Benjamin Pozzi: Co-founder

Owner of a master in entrepreneurship, Benjamin aims to create his own business. After his business school, he created and developed a network of deposit-sale shops in Andalusia, in partnership with a Spanish entrepreneur. His will to succeed in France makes him associate with Alexandre, a year after his exploration of Spanish roads.

Saîfi: Web developer front-end/back-end

Saîfi joined the Parkadom’s team 6 months ago. He perfectly knows the platform and acts to improve the website in order to make a better customer experience.

Camille: Communication manager

As comfortable on social network as press relations, Camille highly participated for Parkadom’s Repution and the publications. Her writing skills as well as her reactivity are crucial for Parkadom’s community.

Claire: Designer

Claire is a passionate designer. Directly seduced by the Parkadom’s idea, she brought her vision for the brand and the graphic chart. She highly contributed to Parkadom’s identity.

Thierry: Insurance broker:

Thierry made sure that Parkadom and its users are covered for every situation. His precious advices give Parkadom serenity for all type of exchanges: with users, partners and providers.

Mehdi: Corporate Lawyer

Present since Parkadom’s creation, Mehdi keeps supporting us on the juridical points: he gives his expert report on security and regulation issues.